I Protect Me

South Africa

I PROTECT ME (IPM) is a non-profit organisation in S. Africa, which trains school children, women and other vulnerable adults in the community self-protection skills, gender respect and ways to address behaviour and self-attitudes towards sexuality. The programme is not about fighting or self-defence. It is aimed at a culturally varied South African society which expects respect for parental, cultural and religious norms and children are encouraged to respect those. But, all else failing, if pushed into a corner, each person is taught to use their own strength and newly learnt skills to get themselves out of physical danger.
IPM offers all self-protection training to the community free of charge, to make sure that those most exposed to daily violence, especially in poorer areas, where high levels of unemployment and drug abuse diminish personal safety, that they have free access to this learning.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/IProtectMe
Twitter: @IProtectMeSA